Water Efficiency Tips

Water Efficiency

54% of Your Water Bill Goes Outside!

Re-examine your landscape and convert to drought-tolerant plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses. Replacing sections of traditional turf grass or other water-thirsty plant materials and improving inefficient watering habits are THE biggest ways you can realize long-term savings on your water bill. Not to mention the thousands of gallons you’ll be saving as well. You can have a beautiful garden AND save water and money. Many of our residents already do. Attend the many FREE workshops at Tagawa Gardens. Learn More...

Detecting Leaks

First, locate your meter (the majority of meters in Parker Water & Sanitation District are in the basement). Make a note of the meter reading. If the leak detector indicator is moving, there is water moving through the meter.

Next, turn off all fixtures in and around your home, and don’t use any water for an hour. Then go back and check the reading on the meter, if it has changed, you have a leak or leaks!

Money down the Drain!

Waste in Gallons
Per Month

1/32" drip
1/16" trickle
1/8" stream
1/4" stream

Making sure your toilets and other fixtures are free from leaks can save you a lot of money. We recommend you check for water leaks twice a year; after winter season when pipes can freeze and crack and again during summer when irrigation systems are working full force.

Reporting Leaks

Have you ever seen an urban geyser or a suburban swamp? You know the kind, the broken sprinkler head that fountains up in the middle of a yard or a soggy green belt you need a canoe to cross… Often problems like this go unnoticed by the owner for days, and if they don’t know it’s broken, they can’t fix it. If you notice excessive running water – please email us with the location, time and date that you noticed the leak. PWSD will work with the residences, businesses and Home Owners Associations to fix the problem. Your help with this helps us all save water and money.