Watering Guidelines

Parker Water & Sanitation District asks you to do your part in watering efficiently during the summer months. 

Remember these guidelines:

  1. Voluntary alternating watering days based on address:
    1. Homes ending in an EVEN number = SUNDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY
    2. Homes ending in an ODD number = MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY
    3. Multi-family, HOAs, Commercial Properties = MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY
  2. No watering on Fridays. This allows water storage tanks to refill for the weekend.
  3. No watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Water will evaporate rather than benefiting your landscape.
  4. Water waste is prohibited. Watch for runoff, overspray, and leaks. Report water waste to conservation@pwsd.org.

Note: Be sure to check your sprinkler system after major storms or power outages. Some systems may revert to manufacturer settings and will need to be reset.