Castle Pines North Inclusion

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Following a vote on May 4, 2021 the voters of Castle Pines North Metropolitan District have voted in favor of including into Parker Water & Sanitation District. 

CPNMD will continue normal operations until January 3, 2022 (Day 1), at which point PWSD will take over operations pursuant to the terms of the inclusion agreement. 

  • PWSD will take over all of CPNMD’s assets on Day 1, including the wells, the water treatment plant, the distribution system, fleet vehicles, water rights, and CPNMD's 1500 acre feet of storage at Rueter-Hess Reservoir. PWSD does not own or bear responsibility for these assets or CPNMD's operations until that time. 
  • Immediately following Day 1,the two systems will operate individually under PWSD while the infrastructure (pipeline and pumps) needed to interconnect the two systems is constructed.  

What does inclusion mean?

In basic terms, inclusion means adding property to the boundaries of PWSD. New neighborhood developments are incorporated into PWSD on a regular basis by action of PWSD's Board of Directors.

In this case, inclusion encompasses the existing water and wastewater infrastructure of CPNMD. Because this is the largest inclusion (by population) to date, PWSD and CPNMD commissioned a feasibility study to determine the best path forward. Once the inclusion is complete, CPNMD will no longer be in the business of providing water and wastewater services. 

Where can I find out more information about how this will impact me directly?

We've created additional FAQs for both current CPNMD residents and current PWSD residents to help clarify how the inclusion may impact you.

How did PWSD and CPNMD assess the feasibility of the inclusion? 

PWSD and CPNMD contracted with multiple experts to determine the feasibility of including CPNMD into PWSD. They studied the financial, engineering, and legal questions such as rate-structures, assessing the value of water rights, water infrastructure, water and wastewater demand and treatment capacities that would be impacted by the inclusion. The inclusion plan, as we’ve outlined it, is based on the results of the integration feasibility study.

Castle Pines North Inclusion Map

How big is PWSD and how much bigger will it become?

PWSD provides water to approximately 17,500 customers today. The inclusion of CPNMD will add an additional 3,500 accounts to our service area.