Water Purification Facility Residuals Ponds Expansion

Residuals Pond at Reuter-Hess Water Purification Facility Overview of the Project

A project to construct two new residuals ponds at the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility (RHWPF) is currently underway. This project will allow us to continue fulfilling our duty to provide quality drinking water to our customers by doubling our current pond capacity and assist in optimizing plant operations.

What is a residuals pond?

The process that we use to purify water at the RHWPF leaves behind a residual byproduct of materials. These materials are made up of
organic matter that was cleaned from the water as well as small amounts of treatment chemicals. These solids are stored in the residuals ponds and dried over time, then trucked away from the facility for disposal. A percentage of the water that flows into the ponds is recycled back into the RHWPF to be treated.

What’s the timeline for this project?

The project began in January 2021 and is expected to be completed by June 2021. 

Will it affect our rates?

The project was built into PWSD’s long-term plans and does not have a direct impact on rates.

Will there be any negative impacts to our community?

Construction activities will typically be limited to Monday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM; however, construction may be required outside of the typical construction period at times. Construction vehicles will access the plant via the access road intersecting Heirloom Parkway just north of Hess Road.

Please note that this road is also the access road for the new incline, so residents are encouraged to use extra caution when visiting the incline. The contractor is aware of incline traffic and signage has been placed in all appropriate locations.

Will it impact neighbors’ views?

The top of the new berm around the ponds will be shifted a few feet from the top of the existing mound and the new berm will be about 1 foot taller than the existing one. The look of the berm will match the existing one once the vegetation restoration has been completed. 

No new buildings are being constructed, therefore we don’t believe the view will change substantially except that we will need to extend our fence to enclose these ponds for security reasons. The new fence will match the one we have around the rest of the property.  

Who can I contact with questions?

 If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Emilie Abbott at (720) 842-4272.