Filtering Out the Falsehoods

Truth matters, especially during elections. This is a truism that the staff and board of Parker Water & Sanitation District (PWSD) believe in and work hard to support every day as we provide essential services to our communities. In fact, two of the key values we work to achieve daily are to “Uphold Integrity” and to provide “Extraordinary Service.”

Our customers deserve to know the truth behind the misinformation that appeared in public during our recent board elections.

Below is accurate and truthful information concerning false allegations that were made about PWSD. We welcome the opportunity to speak directly to our customers and encourage you to contact us at 303-841-4627 if you have more questions.

  1. Claim: PWSD staff were running the recent election and counted ballots themselves.

Fact: This is false. The recent PWSD election for three (3) open board member seats was held in a drop-off and mail-in ballot format. PWSD hired an outside consultant to run the election on our behalf. The consultant was responsible for managing the ballot collection, ballot counting, and certifying the election. Ballot boxes at the two drop-off locations were locked and inaccessible to PWSD employees. Additional information about the election and how it was run is available on our website.

  1. Claim: PWSD intentionally left 96 voters off the election rolls and disenfranchised them by not giving them adequate time to vote in the recent election.
  1. Claim: PWSD has been collecting property taxes from the affected voters in Lincoln Creek without allowing them to vote.
  1. Claim: PWSD has not held an election in 10 years and just appoints its allies to the board.
  1. Claim: PWSD is considering a major rate increase immediately following the elections.
  1. Claim: PWSD is not forward thinking and does not have a long-term water plan.
  1. Claim: PWSD is building a luxurious new administrative building at a cost of $53 million to house just 85 employees.